Disaster Recovery

Availability means everything to your business. Make sure you have a disaster recovery plan in place for when you need it the most.

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Located in the world-class facilities of Innovation Place technology park, our secured Canadian Data Centers are temperature controlled and monitored using an electronic sensing system.

Technology Providers

Our state-of-the-art equipment is protected using APC UPS systems which are connected to emergency backup generators that can provide an endless supply of emergency power.

Network Access

We are connected using redundant 1Gbps fiber connections that have peering with all major providers. Our network is protected using multiple layers of security.

Daily Offsite Backups

We utilize Enterprise Backup Technology to provide full daily backups of all Virtual Servers. We are able to take live full backups by leveraging Microsoft VSS (Volume Shadow Copy) and using VSS aware applications like Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange. The Full backups are done over a separate network connection to a completely separate IBM SAN which is contained in a dedicated rack which is separated from production servers. We store 7 days of full daily backups of Virtual Servers and Physical Servers onsite which allow for a quick recovery when needed.   We utilize our IBM tape library to create encrypted backups of all Virtual Servers which are taken offsite.         

Recovery Options

We can restore your Virtual Server over top of your existing Virtual Server or we can restore your server to a separate location where we can login and manually recover the files you need. We can then transfer the files over to your live server where they can be manually restored by a file by file basis.      


Spare Equipment

We always keep fully populated hot backup servers for each separate production server configuration in operation. This allows us to re-host Virtual Machines on the hot spare in case of catastrophic server failure. In addition to hot servers, we keep spare parts for every major component in the data center. This includes, spare hard drives, servers, SAN switches, SAN expansion enclosures, Network switches, Fiber Channel HBAs and UPS systems.       

Preventative Measures

Virtual Data implements redundancies and failover where ever possible. This includes redundant fiber internet connections each with BGP routing and redundant WAN switches, redundant Cisco ASA 5500 series firewalls, redundant Core Cisco Switches, redundant APC Smart UPS systems on Core network switching gear, redundant IBM SAN switches, dual controllers on IBM SANs, mirrored hard drives in IBM host Servers, SAS RAID-10 Hard Disk configurations for all IBM SAN Virtual Server storage, redundant APC Smart UPS systems on SANs, redundant APC in Row chillers, emergency backup generator for all equipment which is tested monthly, Pre-Action fire suppression system, electronic temperature monitoring system, full network monitoring system, wireless alarm system, electronic security and 24/7/365 patrolled security.  

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