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Offsite Backup

Offsite backups are extremely important and many companies do not understand the risks of not keeping backups offsite until it is too late. With an offsite backup solution, you can rest easy knowing your data is automatically backed up and secure. All offsite backups are done using banking grade SSL secured transmissions. In addition, your data is stored in a secure data center located in a disaster free zone in Canada.

Our offsite backup solutions are compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix. We offer various plans to ensure you find the right solution that fits your needs. We do not outsource and we have in-house technicians that will help with setup and recoveries. Our advanced server backup solutions have built-in support for Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, MySQL, Oracle, Lotus Domino and Open Files.

Major causes of data loss may surprise you and can include: theft of laptops in airports, vehicles and homes; damaged hard drives by manufacturer defects; faulty thumb drive; accidental spill; small impact; employee sabotage; virus and malware.

Did you know?

  • 60% of companies that lose critical data close their business in 180 days.
  • Almost 5000 hard drives in Canada crash every week.
  • The #1 cause of data loss is a stolen Laptop and #2 cause of data loss is from hacking.

FEATURES VDC Server Backup VDC Workstation Backup
Advanced and Customizable -
Multiple Backup Sets -
Fully Automated
Supports Bare-Metal Restore -
256-Bit Encryption
AES Algorithm/td>
TwoFish Algorithm -
Triple DES Algorithm -
128-Bit SSL Channel Support
Flexible Backup Schedule
Continuous Data Protection
Keep Local Copy of Backup -
Open File
Supports Windows
Supports Mac
Supports Linux -
Supports UNIX -
Run Commands Before / After -
In-Files Delta
Volume Shadow Copy
Outlook / Outlook Express
Mircrosoft Exchange -
Mircrosoft SQL -
Oracle Database -
Domino / Lotus Notes -

Offsite Backup Packages Compressed Data Storage Data Transfer/Month Price/Month
VDC Workstation 10GB 10GB 20GB $19.95
VDC Workstation 25GB 25GB 50GB $39.95
VDC Workstation 50GB 50GB 100GB $59.95
VDC Workstation 75GB 75GB 150GB $94.95
VDC Workstation 100GB 100GB 200GB $129.95
VDC Server 25GB 25GB 50GB $59.95
VDC Server 50GB 50GB 100GB $79.95
VDC Server 75GB 75GB 150GB $114.95
VDC Server 100GB 100GB 200GB $149.95
VDC Server 150GB 150GB 300GB $209.95
VDC Server 200GB 200GB 400GB $259.95
VDC Server 250GB 250GB 500GB $299.95
VDC Server 300GB 300GB 600GB $339.95
VDC Server 400GB 400GB 800GB $429.95
VDC Server 500GB 500GB 1000GB $499.95
VDC Server 750GB 750GB 1500GB $699.95
VDC Server 1000GB 1000GB 2000GB $849.95
VDC Server 1250GB 1250GB 2500GB $999.95
VDC Server 1500GB 1500GB 3000GB $1149.95
VDC Server 2000GB 2000GB 4000GB $1499.95

VMware VM License Addon $100 Each
Hyper-V VM License Addon $100 Each
Additional Transfer $0.95 / GB

All backup packages include licensing for one computer or device. If you require additional computer licenses or a customized package please contact our sales department. We can offer backup packages for storage up to 10TB.


Please download the free trial version of our Offsite Backup Software. Windows and Macintosh install packages are available for both the Workstation and Server versions.

During the installation process the trial version will allow you to create a fully functional account capable of performing scheduled backups to our offsite Enterprise Storage Infrastructure.

If after 30 days you decide that you would like to purchase the product, the trial version can easily be converted to a fully licensed installation without reinstalling or reconfiguring the product.

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