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Virtual Data has partnered with InEight to bring technology solutions to project-driven companies in the oil & gas and energy industires.

We can provide you with the best software for estimating and project cost management.


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HD Field Solution

Delivers project execution alignment and visibility by connecting jobsite labor and equipment actuals to the InEight HD suite via a modern tablet interface

HD Estimating

Easily build more accurate cost estimates, work plans and budgets for any project by leveraging a variety of estimating approaches, industry cost libraries and your company’s own benchmark data

HD Performance

During project execution, integrates accounting, schedule and estimating systems with actual jobsite data to provide owners, EPCMs and contractors the performance visibility they need to take corrective actions that can keep projects on time and within budget

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InEight HD Field Solution

  • Record actual hours of all crew members
  • Record equipment usage by cost code or work task
  • Record quantities completed by cost code or work task
  • Add new tasks or modify existing tasks
  • Offline mode enables field data collection at disconnected jobsites
  • Create a crew plan for a specific shift
  • Easily review planned work
  • Easily review submitted and completed plans
  • Modify and approve completed plans

InEight HD Estimating

  • Benmark against historical performance
  • Standardize WBS
  • Drive Costs from Design System Quantities
  • Create Estimates from Schedules
  • Maintain Current Rates
  • Maintain Live Schedule and Scope Updates
  • Build “What if” Analyses
  • Request and Manage Quotes
  • Automate Master Resource Rate Updates
  • Apply Attributes to Resource Rates
  • Link Excel Workbook Calculations

InEight HD Performance

  • Forecast Rationally
  • Measure Progress, Plan
  • Calculate Quantity and Percent Complete
  • Reconcile Project Costs with ERP Systems
  • Resolve Planned Quantities
  • Report Earned Value
  • Plan Daily Work
  • Collect Timesheets
  • Track Commitments
  • Approve, Manage Time


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