Disaster Recovery

Availability means everything to your business. Make sure you have a disaster recovery plan in place for when you need it the most.

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Multiple Locations

With over 250KM of distance between our Saskatoon and Regina Data Centers, rest assured your data is safe. Saskatchewan is natural disaster-free zone that is geographically centralized in North America and is 500M above sea level.

Restores & Testing

By using a VDC provided Cloud Backup solution, we have the ability to quickly restore your data to our hosting environment. DR testing is available on monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Network resources and firewall configurations can be setup in advance so you are ready if disaster strikes.

Network Access

We are connected using redundant 10Gbps fiber connections that have peering with all major providers. Our network is protected using multiple layers of security.

Advanced Backup Protection

Private Cloud Server hosting includes advanced backup services that includes 3 separate physical layers of backup protection. In case of a Ransomware Attack, we can have your server restored quickly from a backup that took place within the last 3 hours. VM snapshots occur automatically throughout the day. Full daily offsite backups occur at night to one of our secondary data centers and weekly air-gapped backup copies are also stored in the secondary data center. All primary data and backups are kept in central Canada.

Custom High Availability

We can design and implement custom high availability and fault tolerant solutions to meet the special needs of our customers where there is no room for downtime. These solutions include a close proximity option or a large distance option between our data centers in Saskatoon and Regina.


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