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Best Practices for Website Hosting Security

The online landscape is both vast and vulnerable, and ensuring the security of your hosted website is of paramount importance. Whether you're a small business owner, an aspiring blogger, or an e-commerce giant, implementing robust hosting security practices is crucial to safeguarding your digital presence.

Website Performance Optimization Techniques

In today's fast-paced digital era, the need for a lightning-fast website is more critical than ever. Users demand instant access to information, and a slow website can result in frustration and a significant loss of traffic.

Popular WordPress Themes for 2024

WordPress is a widespread content management system that powers millions of websites worldwide. With thousands of free and premium WordPress themes available, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your website.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Website Hosting for Your Business

Are you launching a new website or considering upgrading your hosting plan? The world of web hosting can be complex, with various options catering to different business needs.

The Cost of Cybercrime: A Growing Concern

The Cost of Cybercrime: A Growing Concern Cybercrime has become a major concern in recent years as technology continues to advance and become more integral in our daily lives. A recent report by Cybersecurity Ventures highlights just how costly cybercrime is becoming and projects it to become one of the largest economies in the world if it were to be measured as a country.

Pure Storage yesterday launched a new service level agreement (SLA) for its Evergreen//One offering, which it described as the “only energy efficiency guarantee in the enterprise storage-as-a-service (STaaS) market.

According to a release, it guarantees energy efficiency for organizations of all sizes by enabling them to measure the maximum number of actual Watts per tebibyte (TiB). If the guaranteed Watts/TiB is not met, the customer can request “service credits and Pure Storage will execute remediation actions, including densification or consolidation, at no additional cost.

Biggest Data Breaches of 2022

Recent Data Breaches – October 2022 October 3, 2022 by Michael X. Heiligenstein In September 2022, a hacker under the alias ‘teapotuberhacker’ compromised both Uber and Rockstar Games in short succession.

Credential phishing attacks skyrocketing, 265 brands impersonated in H1 2022

The research found a 48% increase in email attacks over the previous six months, and 68.5% of those attacks included a credential phishing link.

Veeam Backup Now Available for Mac Users

The Mac is the go-to device for many professionals today, especially among executive, design and media organizations. With remote working at an all-time high, this growing "bring your own device" culture has made Mac even more pervasive.

Most organizations don’t understand third party cyber risks:

Organizations have a large blind spot to cyber risks arising from third parties and their supply chains, according to a new survey by consulting firm PwC. Only 41 per cent of Canadian survey respondents — and 40 per cent of those questioned globally — said they thoroughly understand the risk of data breaches through third parties, using formal enterprise-wide assessments, according to a report released Tuesday.