SharePoint Server

Private Cloud SharePoint Server for custom built SharePoint solutions. 


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SharePoint Editions

We can provide SharePoint Foundation, Standard and Enterprise Editions. Let our experienced experts help you choose the right edition and licensing model.


Advanced backup services that includes 3 separate physical layers of protection. In case of Ransomware Attack, we can have your server restored quickly from a backup that took place within the last hour

Software Assurance

SharePoint licensing includes Software Assurance so you can upgrade to the latest version at any time! This also includes downgrade rights so you can run previous versions as well.

SharePoint 2019 Improvements

  • Modern sharing and search experience
  • Support for files up to 15GB in size
  • Allows the use of # and % characters in file and folder names
  • Maximum file path length limit increased to 400 characters
  • Now supports authenticating to SMTP Server
  • Integration with Power Apps, Power BI and Power Automate
  • Customizable Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • End user support and troubleshooting


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