VDC Data Centers

VDC operates over 4000 square feet of carrier neutral data center space with locations in Saskatoon and Regina. Our 4 data center facilities allow us to deliver custom high availability solutions with high-bandwidth options from all major Canadian internet carriers.


We are located at Innovation Place which is a group of university related technology parks that have specialized capabilities required for sophisticated technology activities. They are home to various world-renowned science and technology companies including the Saskatoon Internet Exchange (YXEIX). Saskatchewan is natural disaster-free zone that is geographically centralized in North America and is 500M above sea level.

Security & Protection

Our facilities are monitored by local security personnel on a 24/7/365 basis and utilize advanced security systems and video surveillance. All building access is monitored and recorded. Main data centers are located in areas with restricted building access. All staff members must pass security checks and the data center access is limited to key personnel.


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Network Access

We are connected using redundant 10Gbps fiber connections that utilize BGP routing to ensure you get the fastest and most reliable connection possible.

Our upstream providers peer with all major networks and provide our clients with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

VDC is also peered at the Saskatoon Internet Exchange (YXEIX) which provides low-latency and high-bandwidth connections to other connected members.

Cooling & Power

Data centers are temperature controlled and monitored using multiple electronic sensing systems. We utilize redundant APC InRow chillers to cool data centers while leveraging free air cooling during winter to ensure eco-friendly operations. Data center are protected with 2-Stage pre-action fire suppression systems which are tested annually. Data Centers have emergency backup power that is provided by UPS systems in combination with generators which are fully tested on a monthly basis.