Veeam for Microsoft 365 the #1 Backup & Recovery Solution

Veeam for Microsoft 365 the #1 Backup & Recovery Solution
Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams data can all be backed up weekly, daily or as often as every five minutes in the location of your choice. VDC’s cloud Storage solution for this is above the rest when coming to backups.
Why backup Office 365?
Most MSP’s and public believe that it is Microsoft’s responsibility to protect your Office 365 data. Even though Microsoft 365 does use state of the art data centres and have multiple security measures in effect they still have vulnerabilities that can happen internally and externally. You might be surprised to know that Microsoft 365 does not legally take responsibility for any lost data.
Reasons you need a backup for Office 365
1. Microsoft DOES NOT Backup your Data
Microsoft 365 provides built-in replication for geo redundancy, but when something is corrupt or deleted, the corruption or deletion is replicated to the other side.
2. Data Access and Control
Compliance requirements for many industries and organizations state that you must have control over your critical data. Veeam with VDC’s cloud solution makes this a reality. This happens from the backup that you or VDC manages to easily recover anything or everything.
3. The Cloud Does NOT Mean Safe
The assumption that in the cloud means safe is one of the biggest myths in the IT world. User errors, accidental deletion, company retention policies and security threats are all common with Microsoft 365. Having a secure isolated backup is only solution to these common issues.

Why VDC for Cloud Storage
Centrally located secure data centres, redundant 10Gbps connectivity, Next Generation Firewalls while backing up your backup to a second physical location makes VDC one of the most secure Veeam storage solutions in Canada.

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